Kazuri Lavender Circle

w/Hematite & Glass

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2 Piece Jewelry Set:   

Necklace & Earrings  - $70






Kazuri Bead: Kazuri, in Swahili, literally means ìsmall and beautifulî. 30 years ago, Lady Susan Wood, owner of the Karen Blixon Plantation in Kenya (from the movie Out of Africa) made a commitment to create a way to help women out of poverty and to make it socially acceptable for women to hold jobs. Today a wooden building tucked into the rolling hills of Kenya hums with the sound of women talking and singing. By reviving the traditional bead-making process of the Kikuyu women of Africa she started Kazuri, a Fair Trade company which now employs over 250 women, provides free health care, day care, savings plans for education and community education on AIDS, malaria and birth control. Kazuri pays their employees 4 times the national wage in Kenya. Each employee supports extended families of 15 to 20. The clay from Mount Kenya is shaped by hand and painted with glazes mixed by hand, then glazed a second time to produce a beautiful shine. Not only does each purchase make a difference in someoneís life, each bead is a beautiful, unique work of art.

Hematite: "Stone for the mind" assists with sorting out thoughts, memory, original thinking & technical knowledge; provides a calming atmosphere, dissolves negative energy and attracts "kind" love.