Necklace & Earring Sets

The creation of Vortex Green Jewelry is lovingly
guided by Spirit & imbued with Earth Energies.

They are length adjustable making them

perfect with every neckline.

Each set is one of a kind

so order today.



Owl Custom Design

Click on images to enlarge, and for prices and ordering information.

Yellow Jade Flower

Copper Tree SOLD

Clay Bead Choker

Turtle Agate, Browns

Cat in Malachite


African Mask in Metal


Jasper in Gold

Orange Cone, Glass

Bone Bird, Carved

Agate no center

Moss Agate in Silver


Amber Heart


Butterfly Shell


Natural Stone, Agate

Buddah, Carved


Flower Dressed in Orange

Coral from Hawaii

Dolphin Carved in Jasper

Moon in Yellow & Black

African Face w/ Blue Earring


Buddah, Carved Jade


Mahogany Obsidian


Quan Yin in Red

Agate, Oblong

Rose Quartz Turtle

Bat, Carved Wood

Chrysocolla Side Ways

Goldstone, Brazil

Rutilated & Smoky Quartz, no center

Agate Stone Rounds

Sodalite and Lapis


Rose Quartz with Spiral

Turlte Shell, Carved

Owl on Whit

Wolf, Ceramic

Frog Amethyst

Jasper with Black


Flower Carved in

Yellow Jade

Chunky Wood

Onyx with Stripe


Coral, White

Shell Slice

African Bust

Ying Yang Star

Coral Red Long Center


Rutilated Quartz

Bronzite Flats

Fossilized NautilusSOLD

Polymer Praying Woman

Citrine in Spiral

Jasper Composit Center

Howlite 3 Piece Center SOLD

Ruby Zoisite

Elephant Carnelian

Jasper Wire Wrapped

Rhodochrosite with Silver  SOLD

Amber, Large Unpolished

Howlite, Carved Center

Petrified Wood, Yellow

Rutilated Smokey Quartz

Serpentine Bird