Amber Wire Wrapped

w/ Calcite, Carnelian & Quartz Beads

All Designs One of a Kind


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2 Piece Jewelry Set:  

    Necklace & Earrings - $115


Stones Healing Qualities

Amber: Connects conscious self to universal perfection; transmutes negative energy; art of manifestation; stimulates intellect; opens crown chakra; helps one to choose and be chosen; good luck to warriors.

Calcite: Energy amplifier; helps mind & body to remember; clears & activates chakras; multi-directional energy distribution; world teacher for all of humanity; macrocosmic awareness & appreciation of creative forces of nature.

Carnelian: Awakens self awareness of inherent talents; stimulates analytical capabilities & precision; assists in increasing personal power, creativity, compassion and the giving & receiving of love.

Quartz: Stone of "power", harmony, calmness, clarity; redirects energy to more beneficial state; amplifies thoughts; aligns human energies with energies of the universe; enhances altered states, heightens psychic abilities.