Jasper Composit Center

w/ Apatite, Petrified Wood & Obsidian Beads

All Designs One of a Kind


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2 Piece Jewelry Set:

    Necklace & Earrings - $85






Apatite: Related to service and humanitarian pursuits; stimulate intellect; promotes realization that ones strength comes from spiritual avenues via love; facilitates results with greater ease; enhances creativity.

Obsidian: Grounding and protective stone; stabilizes internal & external energies; shields against negativity; dispels unloving thoughts from within; reflects ones flaws & stimulates vision of required course of action to change.

Petrified Wood: Provides strength in all areas of one's life; helps with grounding & diminishes worry; stone of transformation; increases access to higher aspects and to past lives; provides insight & support in dis-ease crisis.