Citrine in Spiral

Citrine, Aventurine, Carnelian & Sunstone Beads

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2 Piece Jewelry Set - $125

Necklace & Earring






Citrine: Dissipates & transmutes energies; assists in balancing yin-yang energy & in aligning the chakras with the ethereal plane; activates personal power, creativity & intelligent decisiveness; a "merchant's stone."

Aventurine: Activates, cleans & protects heart chakra; balances female & male energies; enhances creativity, motivates pioneering spirit; aligns intellectual, emotional, physical & auric bodies.

Carnelian: Awakens self awareness of inherent talents; stimulates analytical capabilities & precision; assists in increasing personal power, creativity, compassion and the giving & receiving of love.

Sunstone: Clear and energize chakras; dissipate fearfulness; alleviate stress; increase vitality; encourages independence and originality; gently removes “hook-ups” which have infiltrated the energy centers.