About the Artists

Vortex Green Jewelry did not begin with a plan.  It came from the heart.

In gratitude for her love and support, friendship, skills and great sense of humor, Jan made a necklace for Marystella as a Christmas gift. It was her first attempt at making jewelry, a one time "project' with no intention of making more. She chose an old earring that Marystella loved - its companion long lost - as the centerpiece, and allowed herself to be guided by a joyful creative force. Marystella loved the necklace, wore it a lot, and the rest is history (see Customer Response

Jan continues to design the necklaces, and companion earrings, while Marystella creates her own inspired bookmarks, individual bracelets and earrings. Their joy and passion for Life, Earth, Art and Spirit are evident in every piece of Vortex Green Jewelry, all created in Earth Vortex Energies.

Jan Boddie, PhD and Marystella Church, CHT, have been working as a team since 1993. They guide transformative spiritual experiences for individuals and groups, and facilitate profound learning experiences in business, hospital and educational settings. For more information log onto vortexjourneys.com

Marystella & Jan