Customer Responses

"Awesome! The necklace is incredible! You did what I asked and it perfectly matches my fabric, which I thought would never happen." (See Buddha photo on Homepage)
- Donna Nordby, Small Business Owner

"The necklace you're wearing is very beautiful. Make me one for my girlfriend."
- Pablo Maldonado, Restaurant Manager

"Your work is extraordinary. Very creative. Very unique. I want you to be part of our merchant's street fair."
- Lois Galloway, Co-owner, Apple Blossom Beads, Sebastopol, CA

"This jewelry is fantastic! I've been searching for the 'perfect gifts' for my clients and here they are."
- Indigo Crone, Realtor

"I love it! The necklace you made for me is beyond my very high expectations. I get more compliments about it than any other jewelry I wear."
- Viki Transue, Friend, Neighbor

“The jewelry is amazing!!! I’m so impressed. One of the fundamental tenets of the School of Art and Magic is that Art heals. I personally believe that all healers can express themselves as artists and you certainly are!”
- Mary Swanson, Director, School of Art and Magic

"I was wearing two bracelets at a client's custom home: a very expensive one I bought at a store, and the one I got from you.  My client didn't care for the costly 'production-line commercial' piece at all.  But he raved about the bracelet you made, the uniqueness of its design and the great combination of colors, shapes and textures.  Isn't that great feedback!"

-R.E. Doc, Licensed Contractor

"I love your web site!  And the photos are great!  But I have to tell you, the photos pale beside the actual pieces I just purchased.  I am definitely doing my gift shopping at Vortex Green Jewelry."

-Toby Speed, Financial Specialist

Elegance in Blue

Recycled Centerpiece