About Vortex Journeys


Each chakra in the human body is a vortex.  Places on the Earth's body from which measurable heightened electro-magnetic energies emanate are known as vortex sites.

Effects of Earth Vortex Energies:

Earth vortex energies accelerate access to the body's vortex chakra information, stimulating creativity and healing, visions and dreams.  Vortex Green Jewelry, inspired and created in vortex energies, is infused with

these creative and healing qualities.


For nine years Marystella and Jan facilitated group vortex retreats in Sedona, Arizona. Now their multi-faceted journeys take place in vortex energies at The Crossroads, the home of Vortex Green Jewelry, located in northern California.

For more information log on to vortexjourneys.com

Quan Yin at

The Crossroads